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30Julhow to write a blog

Blogging has become an additional essential asset for Web sites today. It’s like adding a stereo sound system or a Blu-ray player to your widescreen TV. The composition of a blog can be very difficult and even intimidating. Therefore, we would like to guide you on the right way to write a great blog. We have gathered these 10 tips that will certainly simplify the process.

1. Everything is in the title

How many times have you chosen a magazine or a book simply because of its catchy title? The title of your blog article is the key to attracting readership. The title is also one of the most important elements for the SEO (Search engine Optimization). So make sure you have your main keywords in the title tag.

2. Write with the reader in mind

Let’s be honest, no one wants to read blogs written in the classic writing style of Molière. A blog must be clear and very easy to read. Try using short sentences, using simple language to make readability easier.

3. Structure your Content

The drafting of short paragraphs separated by secondary titles, including the use of listed lists, is highly recommended. This type of structure makes the blog easy to read and allows the reader to understand the content of your Blog In a few seconds.

4. Provide informative content

For the purposes of referencing, it is advisable that blogs do not total less than 500 words. The content must also be enlightening for your readers; So don’t publish anything that seems too commercial or unnatural.

However, your blog post should demonstrate your knowledge of the topic and offer answers, tips and any related information. This will encourage your readers to visit your blog page regularly.

5. Tell your reader what to do next

Towards the end of the blog post, encourage your readers to share your content on social media and continue to read other similar articles. This will keep the info of your blog and keep its place in the memory of the reader. This will surely increase the time that the reader spends on your blogs, and thus strengthen the loyalty of your audience.

6. Include an image

As the proverb says, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, the images make your blog more aesthetic and appealing. You can create or purchase relevant images on certain websites such as
. Make sure to compress the images as they can make your article very slow to download.

7. Review your blog post

Publishing a blog with grammar and spelling errors can make a bit of a professional appearance. Read your article several times and ask a colleague to read it again before finally posting it.

8. Create links to other pages

A good practice is to include links to other external Web pages. Do not exaggerate the amount of these links as this can distract the reader. It can also penalize you by Google, thus hindering your SEO efforts.

9. Offer a Guestbook

Most readers who like to read your blog will leave you a positive comment. In addition, readers who need more information will ask questions opening the door to an engaging conversation.

10. Do your research

Doing research on the subject in question helps to improve the quality of your work and will inspire you to write better blogs in the future!


Blogging can sometimes be difficult, but it’s not rocket science. All it takes is practice! In fact, by the time you write your tenth blog, you will realize a noticeable improvement in both your writing style and your research skills. Hopefully these tips have provided you with the guidelines you need to start producing excellent blogs.


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