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Web Application Development Services

Whatever your specific web application development requirements may be, we will accompany you through each phase of development providing sound advice on technology and application options. We follow a well-planned, well thought-out and proven web project management process that ensures complete customer satisfaction and on-time delivery. Our services range from requirement analysis, designing, developing, testing, hosting, implementing and maintaining your application. We provide industry-leading technical solutions and have the expertise to provide customers with turnkey solutions at an affordable price. We provide custom web application development services for a broad range of customers in various domains such as IT, communication, real estate, retail, social networking, construction, finance, automotive, healthcare, education and many more.

PWA Progressive Web Applications

Mobile Internet usage has now surpassed desktop Internet usage. Progressive Web Apps are the new hotness with Google pressing hard to make them the de facto choice for building mobile applications. Powered by Google, it offers a superior user experience on mobile devices. Because they are based on Web technologies, progressive Web applications are faster and easier to develop, reducing their design and maintenance costs. It can cost up to 10x less than a typical mobile app. With progressive web applications, there is no need to go through an app store. With a simple click, they can be installed directly from your website! Progressive Web applications can adapt to different types of screens whether on mobile, computer or tablet. It is no longer necessary to develop (and pay) for several versions of your application like for Android and iOS. One app — for all platforms.

Custom CRM / POS

The pace of market competition is increasing at a tremendous rate. The key to survive and succeed is by managing customer relationships. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the best available tool to manage customers as it helps the firm to track the activities and purchases of customers. You shouldn’t change your process to adopt a custom CRM software. Instead, you should use your own CRM software to complement your business operation and needs.

Having a custom CRM software is less daunting and is a hassle-free process. The tailoring of a custom CRM is done by the client’s needs to make it easier for employees to adapt. A custom CRM will empower your firm to make the necessary automation and changes, giving your company an advantage over peers.

Data Integration

Dealing with lots of data could present challenges no matter whether it is consolidated or dispersed. We offer proper integration for your business’ operations. We connect our customer’s websites and web applications through an external gateway, linking them with accounting software, other CRMs and POS. This allows their online boutique, the products of their inventory, to be updated hassle-free in real time. Whatever your needs are, we have the tool help you achieve them. We’ll help you use your data in order to measure, optimize, predict and innovate the achievement of your goals effectively and reliably.

Why Us You Ask?

Because we have the MAGIC touch!

We take pride in delivering quality web applications. We have the talents and the experience to make sure we build products that are smart, beautiful, scalable and very user-friendly. We offer dynamic solutions that follow the latest digital trends.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a business who needs a custom web application to fit your operations, we’re here to help. We are the best at what we do because we understand the clients' need and move straight to the point. We are easy to work with, not only because we develop “from scratch” custom Web Applications rather than using prebuilt platforms, but also because we are known for quickly grasping the essence and peculiarities of any business market. We guarantee your application will have a high turnover while costing less than one from our competitors.

Let Us Help You

We offer full-cycle custom web application development that fits your business and its needs.

Key services include:

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Project Management System
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Enterprise Portals Design and Promotion
  • Web Application Design and Information Architecture Consulting
  • Web-based Open Source Software Integration
  • Web-based Database Programming
  • Payment Gateway and other eCommerce Solution Integration
  • Web-enabling Legacy Solution

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