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With the world around us changing every moment, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends. While this may be applicable to the clothes on your back and the shoes on your feet, it’s even more relevant when it comes to your business, especially if it’s on the internet. As the internet evolves and the search engines look to keep their users with the most relevant information, it’s important to make sure your SEO services are in sync with the latest SEO trends of 2019. To help you get a hold on what’s going on with SEO in 2019, here are just a few of the latest trends.

  1. Featured Snippets
    Featured Snippets are taking up more of the SERPs than ever before. If you have been on Google recently (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?) you may have noticed a large snippet looking to satisfy your search query. As these take up more of the organic search result space, it’s important to make sure you are optimizing your sites for this type of results, if you want to display. To make sure your sites are ready to be a featured snippet, consider having a question and answer sequences on your page.
  2. Continuing the Focus on Mobile
    An article in Forbes recently noted that “It seems that Google views slow-loading websites as the biggest problem it has with the mobile web today, and they want to use their influence in the market to force website owners to do better,”. In order to make sure your websites stay ahead of the curve as the mobile rollout continues, make sure to keep the mobile experience in mind as you and your design teamwork through the main functionality of your sites. While it’s important to focus on mobile, it also important to keep your overall design and functionality in mind and on trend for 2019.
  3. Don’t Forget the Power of a Brand
    Incorporating your brand into your site and making mention of it wherever it makes sense will help to teach the search engines that your brand is a unique entity. This can help you to achieve authority in whatever space you may be in, whether you sell eCommerce products or just want to get more traffic to your personal gardening blog. If you want to learn more about SEO optimization and SEO services specifically for eCommerce sites, check this out recent write up.
  4. Make Good Use to Video Content
    By putting out great video content and making sure it is SEO optimized on the back end, you can catapult yourself ahead of your competition that may be slacking on this rapidly expanding medium. If you don’t have any videos on your site, now may be a great time to start working on some content to help your audience.

While SEO trends may come and go, it’s always important to make sure your strategy is aligned with getting your visitors the information they need in a way they can absorb it. By keeping yourself ahead of trends in this rapidly changing arena and working with a great SEO service provider, you can make sure you stay ahead of the competition.


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