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There are several types of online marketing, depending on the advertisers objectives some types can be more effective than others.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

This is probably the most fundamental type of online marketing. The process is very time consuming since it involves unique compiling content writing and building quality links to your website as well as proper website structuring coupled with a balanced keywords frequency insertion. What’s so great about Search Engine Optimization is that all the clicks you receive are free which makes your SEO efforts very rewarding. 

Pay Per Click Search Marketing

Google Adwords followed by Yahoo/Bing Ads are the top platforms for Pay per click search Marketing. These platforms allow you to display your website text ads on any keywords of your choice, as long as they are relevant to the content of your website. A monthly budget can be specified and performance can be measured, for those who are serious about PPC marketing we advise them to consult a PPC management agency, as they possess the knowledge and experience to make successes out of those pay per click campaigns often for an affordable management service fees.

Display Marketing

This can be done through Google Adwords. This type of online marketing allows you to display your image, text, rich media, and video ads on websites which are relevant to what you are selling. There are several ways to target your audience:

    • Contextual targeting
    • Topic targeting
    • Interest base category targeting
  • Manual placement targeting


Otherwise known as retargeting is an effective way to display your ads to those that have visited your website but have not completed a certain action. An action may include downloading a file, signing up on a form, buying a product, etc. Remarketing gives you the chance to reconnect with this audience by displaying engaging ads on other sites.

Email Marketing

A great way to keep in contact with your customers as well as potential customers. Retail businesses live and die by email marketing as it is the most effective way to deliver a message or a promotion to their customers. If you are a small business looking for a simple and easy way to manage your newsletters and email promotions we suggest MailChimp. On the other hand if you are looking for a comprehensive email marketing platform HubSpot is one of the best available email marketing platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Out of all types of online marketing, social media takes first place when it comes to building loyal customers, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn. It offer you a great opportunity to engage and interact with your audience. Your loyal audience will become ambassadors to your website and help spread positive brand awareness.



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