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There’s a myth floating around that search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is no longer important, having been replaced by other methods to get websites and pages noticed.  Indeed, times have changed to the point where online marketers are asking whether it still matters much at all.  The truth is, SEO remains tremendously relevant in an online presence.  It’s just different now.  But if Google, Yahoo, and Bing are still taking it seriously after all this time, so should too.  Actually, these 9 advanced SEO strategies and techniques might be more impactful than ever today, because many companies are now neglecting them.  Here is an overview of some SEO tips, tricks, and guidance to stay ahead of the competition.

(1) Add More Infographics

More popular than ever in 2018, infographics are among the most viewed and shared components of a site’s content.  More than other types of content, infographics allow boring information to jump off the page with vivid colours, animation, and statistics.

Infographics are very popular with people of all demographics, and they make intricate information easier to digest.  Producing unique, quality content that attracts lots of links through informative infographics is an incredible way to scale the SEO walls.  Just don’t try to make your own using low quality home computer software.  Get a graphic artist at a specialized Montreal Digital Marketing Agency that knows SEO services.

(2) Enhance User Engagement

User Engagement is still a bit abstract for many online marketers, because it measures a site’s ability to hold its visitors’ interest.  One way it is measured is by the length of time spent on a page.  Google doesn’t tell directly how it rewards sites and pages for better engagement, but it’s obvious that they rank higher.  The theory is that when a user spends more time on a certain page, it’s probably because the user found the content useful.

Advanced SEO strategies and techniques should focus on traffic and engagement metrics such as:

  • Page Views
  • Time on Site
  • Bounce Rate
  • Direct Visits
  • Search Visits
  • Total Visits
  • Global Rank

One business type where this is particularly important in Real Estate.  If a visitor ends up spending hours on a particular broker’s site (browsing listings of houses of sale, for example) then the Real Estate SEO will gain major points.

(3) Capitalize on the Video Craze

Even if many companies have clued in and are now using videos content in their enhanced SEO strategic marketing techniques, many more still have fully realized the potential, and ignore it.  Your competition might still be relying solely on still photos and written content.  Bottom line, it is still underutilized on the SEO battlefield.  One industry that has really caught on is real estate.  Many brokers and firms now bolster their Real Estate SEO through informational videos and virtual tours of houses online.  This fully exploits the benefits of having a real estate website.

When done right, video content can be a hugely powerful have a major impact on your SEO strategy, in more ways than one.

(4) Optimize Online Graphics & Pics

Not everyone knows how to do this, but it has become more important than ever.  Reach out to a Montreal Digital Marketing Agency for guidance on optimizing your images for SEO.

Some methods to boost your site’s images for SEO include using small file sizes, assigning Alt titles containing strategic keywords, and giving these images names which attract appropriate attention to the subject matter.

If your site contains a lot of pictures, graphs, and other images, this means more work and attention is required.  The SEO benefits and faster load times will make it worthwhile, especially after Google’s speed update takes full effect.

(5) Design a Mobile App

Yes, these apps have been shown to significantly bolster a brand’s SEO.  How?  Google indexes mobile apps on its search engine, and it all ties in together with online users searching keywords relative to your business.  If they find your app in one of those searches, your SEO takes a nice leap forward.

Then of course come the benefits of redirecting app users to your main site, or whatever other online vehicle you choose, for even more clicks and potential leads.  This can be fairly costly, but might be worth the investment.

(6) Expand on Existing Content to Boost Specific Pages

Recent research has shown that longer content has better chances of ranking higher in search engine results.  Go through your site and determine what is already working well, then making better with additional contributions (text, graphics, and video).  This keeps them current with recent info, as well as opening the door for additional keyword placement.  In other words, help them appear higher up in searches for different terms than before.

Let’s say you are a Real Estate Broker, for example, and published a blog post about mortgage applications a year ago.  That post was very successful, but then tailed off, and you realize the data mentioned (like interest rates) might not apply anymore.  Well, then follow this strategy to improve your Real Estate SEO for that particular post and land higher on Google searches again.

Another take on this is to select the pages which sit between 15 and 30 spots down on Google searches.  These ones are close enough to the top that a few tweaks with additional quality content will improve their rankings.

(7) Broaden Your Online Presence

To do this, focus on increasing visibility on various different platforms.  Take advantage of the social media explosion and build more profiles in your company’s name.  And once you’ve created them, make sure they remain active and frequently updated.  By covering as many social media platforms as possible, your brand can reach demographics it never has before.  SEO rankings can then climb organically since your brand is spread across more places and is more likely to be found, clicked on, and shared.  Just make sure the imagery and language used is consistent across all mediums.

As this is a part-time job in itself, we recommend using professional Social Media Management services for the expertise and constant attention it needs.

(8) Repair Broken Links & Coding Errors

Keep in mind that after you publish content, some links (both external and internal) may be eliminated or just change over time.  Multiple broken links are visible to search engines and this puts checkmarks in the weakness column.  An expert Montreal Digital Marketing Agency can ensure that all your links remain current and valid, pointing to where they’re supposed to.

Errors in your website’s code cause search engines longer times to crawl your site.  This hurts your SEO scores because it’s an indicator of a badly maintained site.  And there’s lots of coding there, so pay attention.

(9) Find & Repair Crawl Errors

We’ve all seen error messages displaying “404”, “DNS”, and “server error”.  They are specific errors Google encounters when trying to crawl specific desktop or mobile browser pages.  These are also known as “crawl errors”, and you should not dismiss occurring on your website.  They can have a serious negative effect on your SEO.  The good news is, crawl errors are usually fixed fairly easily.  Call upon an  SEO Services Montreal area provider for assistance.


SEO is still alive and kicking.  To stay ahead of the competition in 2018 and years to come, get reacquainted with SEO and its exciting new trends.  It’s not an obsolete fad, it’s the long-term path to success.  So use these advanced SEO strategies and techniques for lasting benefits to your brand’s website.


At MW Inc., we take pride in listening, setting goals, and building a digital platform that is truly a mirror of your brand. Innovating strategies that help you achieve your goals is what we’re most passionate about. If you succeed, so do we.

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