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In an attempt to eliminate a step in the client acquisition funnel Google has introduced early this year the call-only campaign. This type of AdWords campaign eliminates the need for a landing page, instead click to call directly connects the user with the business. Certainly call-only campaigns will benefit and perform well for some types of businesses and not so well for others, it all depends on the type of services they offer.

How does the advertiser get charged?

It is worth noting that the advertiser is charged when the call button is clicked and not when the call is made.

How to setup call-only campaigns?

1. Create a new campaign
Opt for “Search Network Only” and then select the “Call-only” option

call-only campaign

2. Creating a call-only ad

The call-only ads are designed to encourage users to call your business, therefore one must design the text ads with the goal being driving phone calls rather than clicks to their website. Unlike the text ad with the call-only ad you are required for verification purposes to enter the URL address of a webpage on your domain that contains your phone number.


call-only ad

creating call-only ad


What’s the difference between call extensions and call-only ads?

A call extension is a part of a text ad were the user can click either the title or a link extensions of the text ad to visit the website or click the call button to call the business directly. On the other hand the call-only ad offers the user the option to call the business only.


Difference between call extensions and call-only ads



It is safe to say that it is advisable to create and test a call-only campaign as it has proven to be very effective for many of the AdWords accounts our PPC agency manages. We have seen a great performance particularly with clients in the public services such as plumping, taxi cab, pizza delivery.



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